Since January 2014, the calculations of presented Reach and RU values are based on traffic coming from PC devices. The calculations of the PVs statistics are based on traffic coming from PC.

The gemiusAudience research study is based on structural data to ensure that the online sample is demographically representative for the whole population of internet users. Therefore, the researched audience has to be consistent with the structural data describing the population’s size and the distribution of demographic variables for Lithuanian internet users only.
What is more, it is important for media planners, advertisers and publishers to reach the target groups exclusively in Lithuania. The provided data make it easy for them to make crucial marketing decisions and plan online campaigns.

Due to the change of methodology, the results for some web sites might differ from the previously observed ones.

The owner of the web site is Gemius, the leader and precursor of complex internet research in Central and Eastern Europe. The data presented above comes from the gemiusAudience research study, which defines the standards in online audience measurement. Gemius provides the data presented here free of charge and invites you to use it.


When quoting the data, please provide its source every time in the following format:


"Source: Gemius, gemiusAudience, month - year"


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